Pulpit at children

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Pulpitis in children due to the special structure of milk teeth occurs much more often than in adults. To avoid the development of acute pulpitis in his child, parents need to carefully monitor his teeth.

Pulpit (inflammation of the pulp of the tooth in connection with the penetration of her various pathogenic microorganisms) most often occurs in children without pain, and what lies the main danger. Therefore, it is very important not to miss the moment of infection, as it leads to an inflammatory process, which then goes into the acute stage.

Pulps in children

A large pulp chamber of milk tooth, minimal dentin mineralization, loose fibrous connective tissue structure, wide apical openings and root canals all lead to pulpitis in children. Inflammation of a pulp of a tooth in a child can occur as imperceptibly, without causing him any complaints, and with acute painful sensations accompanied by high fever, swelling of soft tissues of the jaw region and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Detecting initial pulpitis and making an accurate diagnosis of a young child is much more difficult than an adult, as children often incorrectly assess pain sensations during the examination or generally prevent the examination. In older children and adolescents, as in adults, pulpitis has a more pronounced pain response and lasts longer.

Types of pulpitis

Almost all forms of pulpitis in childhood can appear even at a slight carious lesion. Depending on the complexity of the disease, there are:

Pulpit at children

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