Psychologists have suggested how to "calculate" the true nature of man

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Want to know what another person really thinks about you? Want to learn about the true attitude of your beloved (beloved)? Look at what the interlocutor does and speaks to your address. That's exactly what he is thinking about you, and that's exactly what applies to you, it's just those feelings that are manifested in the moment of stress.

A stressful situation can be anything you want: a quarrel, a scandal, a psychological upheaval, a problem moment when you need to quickly solve, the death of a loved one, etc. Everything that emits from a normal state is a stressful situation.

Why in stressful situations a person shows his true attitude? After all, at these moments people are concerned and feel negative emotions, which badly affects the perception of the surrounding world.

But the stressful situation takes the person out of a state when he can control himself. Being loving and friendly, a person can simply control himself and deliberately behave like that. But at the moment of a stressful situation, a person is not able to control himself, and then everything outside of it actually goes inside out.

At the moment of stress, a person shows his true face. So do not write down everything on the negative emotions that people overcome in this period, because in fact it looks exactly what she hid for so long and did not allow herself to manifest.

Psychologists have suggested how to "calculate" the true nature of man
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