Psychologists: everyone knows what will end her marriage

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The leading research author, Professor Jim McNulty of the State University of Florida, says that a conscious perception suggests how the relationship will develop in the future. For example, if on the eve of the solemn event a stomach shook, he can "hint" that it is not worth swapping oaths about eternal love with a potential man. Internal instincts, which people often simply ignore, help to understand what is waiting for a couple in the future.

During the study, Professor McNulty and his team monitored the development of relations with 135 newlyweds. They interviewed them every six months about changes in the relations that have taken place since the marriage. Participants expressed their impressions of relationships with a partner using ratings: "good", "satisfactory", "bad" and "unsatisfactory".

However, this was a conscious evaluation of the relationship. Much more experts were interested in the unconscious reaction of the spouses to each other. In order to "pull out" these instinctive feelings outside, experts invited participants to take the test: they showed a couple of photos of their second half on the monitor screen. The photos were accompanied by negative or positively painted words. The volunteers had to respond quickly to the image and press the key to bring the picture to negative or positive, depending on the word depicted on it. The reaction time was measured by special devices.

This test showed the true feelings that a person feels to his partner. So, people who really experience positive emotions towards a partner quickly identified the meaning of words with a positive color, and they perceived the negatively colored word more slowly, because such words were contrary to the image of their beloved person. As a result, it turned out that respondents who at the beginning of family life felt as a partner of coolness, after four years of living together, were completely disillusioned.

That is why scientists are calling to listen to their bodies and their intuition, so that they will not regret their mistakes.

Psychologists: everyone knows what will end her marriage
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