Psychologists are categorical: you can not cheat a child

The Growth Of Knowledge: Crash Course Psychology #18 (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Eddie Brahammelman of the University of Amsterdam specifically studied 565 children aged 7-12. It is in this age that egoism, egocentrism and vanity are often manifested.

Thus, during 18 months, parents and their children filled out questionnaires that were supposed to find a link between the development of certain qualities in the child and the behavior of parents.

It turned out that the warm attitude of the parents did not affect the development of narcissism. But the praise was influenced directly. The effect was visible in six months, says New Scientist. True, according to the expert, the development of narcissism was influenced by other factors, including genetics.

By the way, earlier, Brahmellman has created a method that allows us to understand how much parents overestimate their children. The analysis was based on the mathematical tests that the child had to perform. The specialist simply had to watch how much parents praised the descendant after the test.

It was found that some parents overestimate children, regardless of the test results. In particular, they overestimate the child's IQ. In general, modern people are more narcissistic than people who lived in the 80's. This is shown by the analysis of students of American colleges.

Psychologists are categorical: you can not cheat a child

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