The psychologist has given specific recommendations to families in which alcoholics live

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The problem of alcoholism has recently become very popular, since more than half of society consumes alcohol without any measure and self-esteem. Psychologists argue that the problem of alcoholism is intrinsically profound and that a person abusing them can and even need help.

Almost every family has a person who is dependent on alcohol, as statistics say. Doctors try to inform us that there is no difference between beer and vodka, since these drinks contain alcohol in one or another proportion and provoke dependence. Everyone who lives next to an alcohol dependent person is obligated to help him.

How to help an alcoholic to leave the wrong way of life:

1. It is necessary to give peace to the alcoholic, only in the correct sense of the word. Stop commanding a person who has already begun to drink alcohol seriously, she can only abuse because she no longer sees the exit, as she was in a dead end.

2. Cover the husbandman with the "right" care. She must speak frankly and not when she is already drunk, but at the moment of sobriety.

3. If this is your most often spouse, then you should be extremely honest with them, you should not scare them into divorce or that he or she will be in the street without housing, money and food. Tell him/her that you are not happy with this situation and that you really want to help, and not to quarrel.

4. Plan your life and make you actively participate in the family's life of the person who drinks. Together travel, go for a walk, ride in nature, cottage or out of town.

5. Teach him or her to take responsibility for themselves and all other members of your family. Go back to the background and let the person have the opportunity to be self-assured, to be the main one.

6. If the situation is already started, the person is completely dependent on alcohol, then the trip to the doctor and his temporary isolation from the society will be compulsory.

7. Praise people for her good deeds and right decisions so you raise her self-esteem to a new high level.

As a rule, people who do not find a way out of any situation drink, can not or do not have the right to decide something, so they retreat and hide in a glass or glass of alcohol. It's very difficult to change, but to get a drunkard out of the swamp, you yourself need to show an example and that you too have achieved something, changed your attitude and now give him the opportunity and chance to become better, to eliminate alcohol from his life and be a healthy person.

The psychologist has given specific recommendations to families in which alcoholics live
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