Psoriatic arthritis - prevention

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Approximately 7% of patients with psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriatic arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which antibodies destroy their own tissues of the body, mistakenly identifying them as alien.

In rare cases, psoriatic arthritis symptoms are preceded by psoriasis in the skin.

It is not possible to cure psoriatic arthritis, but it can slow down its course and reduce the severity of symptoms.


To give the right position of the joint and its stabilization during the period of exacerbation, the physician may recommend the patient to shin. Tires also help reduce erosion of the joint, which is characteristic of psoriatic arthritis. Tires for the joints of the wrists and fingers will ensure the correct position and rest of the joints during sleep and fix them in a comfortable position during work or sports.

However, joints should not be completely stationary. Tires should be periodically removed and perform simple exercises to maintain the functional activity of the joints.

Physical activity

Moderate regular exercises can relieve stiffness and joint pain caused by psoriatic arthritis.

A specially developed program of stretching exercises and flexibility combined with exercises aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system can mitigate symptoms, maintain the functional activity of the joints, promote the maintenance of optimal weight to reduce joint load and increase endurance.


Water therapy (hydrotherapy or aquatherapy) - a program of exercises performed in water. This is a lightened version of exercises for sick joints, since water takes on part of the load. For patients with arthritis, regularity of occupations and satisfaction with them is important.

Stretching exercises and other techniques, such as warm showers and wet hot wraps, help relax your muscles before exercising. After taking ice compresses will help remove painful sensations and inflammation due to loads.

Heat and cold

By applying wet hot and ice compresses to the affected joints, you can temporarily relieve pain and reduce swelling. A wet hot towel, a compress, a warm bath or shower will help relax the muscles and eliminate painful sensations in the joints. Cold procedures using ice packets will help reduce swelling and soothe the pain, causing numbness in the affected areas.

Daily recommendations

  • Reduced joints load with daily actions. Patients should be more often changed body position during work, homework and rest. The correct posture is also important for maintaining the functional activity of the joints.
  • Alternating loads and rest. Change heavy, repetitive actions on the lungs. Hold breaks during classes.
  • Abstinence. When performing any actions, avoid excessive joint loading, carry out loading on larger, more powerful joints. For example, use a backpack, not a bag.
  • Limit weight gain - severity is contraindicated.
  • With different gadgets such as carts, thick grips, you can reduce joints and make daily action easier.

New ways to prevent psoriatic arthritis

Recent studies have shown that vitamin D helps mitigate symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. Recently, the effect of drugs that modify the function of the immune system is studied. Studying changes in the immune system in this disease, scientists are trying to identify the genes that underlie the disease, which will increase the effectiveness of drugs.


Psoriatic arthritis is characterized by a wave-like course with alternating exacerbations and attenuation of the symptoms of the disease. Sometimes the result of the disease may be the destruction of the joint, which leads to loss of ability. In such cases, the patient may need surgery.

In order to avoid increasing the symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to adhere to the regimen of taking drugs that help reduce the inflammatory process, pain and stiffness.

It is important to follow an individually selected exercise program, supporting the full range of joint movements.

Psoriatic arthritis - prevention
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