First aid for electric trauma

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First aid in case of electrical injuries is provided at damages related to electric current of various types: shock with a current from the home socket, contact with power lines, damage to internal organs by electric current.

An electrical trauma from a medical point of view is a pathological change in the tissues, internal organs and the nervous system of the patient. Such damage depends on the degree of passage of current through the body, as well as from the energy into which the current is converted.

First aid for electric trauma must be provided on time and in full - it gives an additional chance to the patient for complete recovery and recovery of damaged parts of the body or organs.

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Recommended actions for first aid with electric trauma

In the ideal case, first aid for electric injuries should be provided immediately. This will allow the patient to resuscitate in time - to dispose of him from the initial pain shock and to transport him to a medical institution. Allocate the following actions for first aid in case of electric trauma.

  1. Turn off the power source - turn the switch, twist the plugs, or completely bleed the room where the victim is.
  2. If damage occurs through electrical wiring, it should be as far as possible to remove this wire from the person by means of a dry stick or chair. Pay attention: touching a victim with a current without protection is strictly prohibited.
  3. When point damage to the current (discharge lightning, contact with the bare wire), you should find the points of entry and exit of the electric discharge (dark point) and cool them with a damp cloth, and then strain.
  4. After providing emergency care in case of electrical injuries, in any kind of electric shock, it is recommended to contact a specialist doctor. Even if the patient complains only about the general weakness and malaise, it is better to call a doctor.

Methods of treatment of electric trauma after first aid

First aid for electrical injuries is the resuscitation of the victim, in the fight against threatening human health, as well as in preventing complications caused by electric shock. After first aid with electric shock, one should stabilize both the physical and mental state of the patient.

It is necessary to calm the person, if necessary apply analgesics. If the degree of damage to electricity is insignificant and you decide to carry out treatment at home, use Anti-Wrinkle Cream "Dermasin", "Panthenol".

Few people can navigate in place and decide what first aid should be given when struck by an electric discharge. By following the basic rules for first aid and treatment for the victim of electrocution, you will preserve this person's life, as well as increase the chances of his full recovery.

First aid for electric trauma
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