Proven ways to cope with sweating of the legs

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In the autumn we switched to warm covered shoes and quite often people note that the legs began to sweat a lot. All would be nothing, but besides the fact that the feet become wet, they can even smell unpleasant. A horrible smell will accompany you constantly, if you do not do anything, it will be impossible to remove shoes where there are people, because you yourself will be embarrassed, and the unpleasant odor around is unlikely to please.

These methods will help you cope with excessive sweating of the legs and their smell:

1. Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, no one canceled. No matter how strange it sounds for you, but the sweat itself has no odor, but the selection of moisture on the skin provokes the appearance of bacteria, but the products of their life create an unpleasant fragrance. Therefore, you should wash your feet twice a day and this is the minimum, if it is possible, then your feet should be washed with soap, even every time you remove shoes.

2. Socks or pantyhose need to be clean every day. If your feet sweat when you come home from work, and you need to go somewhere again, then change the socks to clean. It is unlikely that there will be an unpleasant odor if you will be constantly with clean feet and dry wash your socks.

3. Treat your feet with talc or starch, they can stop the selection of sweat, thereby eliminating excessive sweating of the legs. The cream in this case is better not to use, as you create a greenhouse effect and the legs will sweat even more.

4. Stop buying cheap shoes made of materials of poor quality, so how exactly shoes can cause unpleasant smell and sweating of the feet. If your shoes are made of natural or super-quality materials that naturally pass air and in themselves have no characteristic odor, then your legs will always be dry and pleasant to smell.

5. Do not forget about home shoes, if you wear indoor slippers, then they also need to take care of, periodically wash or wash. Of course, it will be great if you buy leather sneakers that will not smell and create problems for you.

6. If your feet are sweating because the shoes are too warm, then when you come home, you must dry the shoes from the inside so that bacteria do not multiply there, for which the damp environment is an ideal place. Wash the soles and upper part of the shoes with a damp cloth and open them to the maximum so that the air penetrates into the shoes, and in the morning it is dry.

Proven ways to cope with sweating of the legs
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