Proven ways to avoid dehydration in hot summer

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In hot weather, our skin is covered with sweat, so we think it is moist enough and we have enough of the amount of liquid we use. In fact, it is precisely at the time of sweating that we lose water and we urgently need to replenish its supply in the body, otherwise dehydration will take place.

How to avoid dehydration in hot summer:

1. It is necessary to use more pure water. If you do not like to drink water, then you have to do it. Make yourself and your body will say "thank you". Pour fresh water into the two-liter bottle in the morning and until it drips it to the bottom during the day, your plan is not fulfilled. If you are on the road, take a small bottle with you and drink water constantly at every opportunity. On your phone, set a reminder that every hour you should drink a glass of water, so it will be much easier.

2. Include in your diet more fresh fruits, berries and vegetables. These products replenish the supply of vitamins and other nutrients, and besides, many of them are half or more of water.

3. Fresh juices from the same fresh fruits, berries and vegetables prepare for yourself. Such beverages satisfy the body's need for fluid and vitamins. Plus, natural fresh juices quench thirst and purify the digestive system. You will not be hungry for a long time.

4. Avoid excessive consumption of diuretic drinks such as: coffee, green tea, hipster infusion, and others. They quickly remove water from the body and it will constantly need a new portion of water.

5. Completely abandon alcohol in hot summers or use them in a moderate amount. Alcohol delays excess water, poisons the body with poisons and provokes the appearance of various diseases in virtually all organs and systems of your body.

6. In the summer, pamper yourself with water procedures, they perfectly affect the skin, moisturize and calm down.

7. Try to make sure that in the room where you are all day and in the bedroom at night was the optimal level of moisture. Use air humidifiers, sprinkle and spray the flowers, do wet cleaning, ventilate the room more often, and use less air conditioning as it "dry" the air.

Dehydration can lead to serious illnesses, so do not neglect the tips listed above, they will benefit you.

Proven ways to avoid dehydration in hot summer
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