Protein protein effectively protects the blood vessels and heart

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Adding a sufficient amount of amino acids to the diet can maintain the cardiovascular system as effectively as physical exercise and the abandonment of bad habits. This was reported by scientists who are the initiators of a new study that was implemented in the United States of America (University of New England).

The detailed results of the work have recently been published in a popular edition entitled "Journal of Nutrition". According to the results of the study, it became known that those who use a lot of amino acids contained in food of animal and plant origin, are much less likely to suffer from hypertension, and their arteries are more elastic.

In the process of research, UK scientists set themselves the goal of investigating the effect of seven amino acids on the state of the cardiovascular system. The project was attended by two thousand members of the twin society, which is part of the largest twin world of Twins Great Britain (it includes 12,000 people). This study was arranged to study the external and hereditary factors of various diseases.

During the project, experts compared diet participants with data from periodic measurements of vascular elasticity and blood pressure. According to the results of the comparison, the researchers concluded that people who often use certain types of amino acids are much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. At the same time, the doctors noted that the amino acids of plant products affect the indicators of pressure, and food of animal origin - on the elasticity and rigidity of the arteries.

The main author of the project was Amy Jennings, who is an employee of the Norwich School of Medicine. According to her, the study makes it possible to claim that certain types of amino acids have a prophylactic effect on the heart muscle and blood vessels. Therefore, if you increase the amount of legumes, fish, meat, broccoli and lentils in your diet, you can provide significant support for the cardiovascular system.

Based on data from earlier studies from other authors on the benefits of protein for people with hypertension, British scientists have decided to study the effect of amino acids on the cardiovascular system as a whole. Their project included an analysis of cysteine, arginine, glutamic acid, glycine, tyrosine, histidine and leucine. Jennings explained that all 7 amino acids have a positive effect on blood pressure.

Using simple calculations in the field of nutrition, scientists have identified the optimal daily set of products that support the heart and blood vessels healthy:

  • 100 g salmon fillet;
  • 75g of steak;
  • 400 g of low fat milk.

Such a diet is able to provide the body with a certain number of useful for the vascular system of amino acids. In addition, they need to add spinach and beans, which are an excellent source of protein.

According to Jennings, the scientists were very surprised that the use of amino acids is so important for the body.

Increased pressure is practically the main condition for the formation of cardiovascular diseases. In order to exclude the possibility of developing heart attacks and strokes, it is constantly necessary to monitor the indicators of its pressure. If you include in the diet as much as possible dairy products, non-greasy varieties of fish and meat, a person will be able to postpone or completely prevent the onset of heart and vessel diseases.

Protein protein effectively protects the blood vessels and heart
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