Protecting enamel all by teeth

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How to keep your teeth healthy and protect the enamel.

All people have different levels of resistivity to damage to the tooth enamel. Therefore, some are more prone to the appearance of caries than others. The higher the resistance, the more effective the internal protective mechanisms.

Dentists believe that the degree of tooth defeat by caries is easy to determine the level of resistance of the patient's enamel. If the carious cavities are formed in hard-to-reach areas - in the interdental spaces, in the natural depressions of the enamel, then the patient has an average level of resistance. If struck by the smooth, easily accessible areas of enamel, this suggests a high level of resistance.

Will appear on the teeth of caries or not, depends largely on the level of their remineralisation - the degree of entry and penetration of solid tissues of minerals. If there is enough calcium, fluorine, phosphorus in the saliva, then the tooth enamel is under protection.

Problems begin when there is a lack of any element, in this case there is demineralization. Enamel gradually softens, becoming vulnerable.

Conditions of good resistance

The degree of resistance to teeth depends on the strength of the immunity and the general state of health. If the body is healthy, it maintains a balance of all vitamins, trace elements and nutrients, then the saliva to the tooth receives the required amount of calcium, fluorine and magnesium - the main protectors of enamel.

Teeth, closer to the middle of the mouth, are formed still in the unborn child, and therefore, they are under the reliable protection of the mother's body. Longer teeth are laid after birth, so they are protected from external influences much less. Moreover, the deeper the tooth is located in the mouth, the later it is formed. Last extreme teeth change, the level of resistance of which is initially lower than in the anterior teeth.


Additional reinternalization of teeth can be done with calcium-phosphate-containing tooth gels and dental cavities. They strengthen the crystal lattice of enamel, block cells have already begun to destroy. By using these remedies, you can save the health of teeth for many years, even having their nature a low resistance.

Protecting enamel all by teeth
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