The pros and cons of vegetarian nutrition

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Vegetarian food is a type of food in which some foods of animal origin are excluded from the diet.

There are several areas for vegetarian food:

1. Vegetation, or strict vegetarianism. In this case, all food products of animal origin, including honey, are completely excluded from the diet, and dish recipes consist exclusively of plants;

2. Vegetarianism is common. In addition to plants, it is allowed to eat the foods for which you did not have to kill the animal: honey, milk and dairy products (laktoveegeratsionstvo), eggs (ovovegatorianstvo);

3. Vegetarianism is expanded, which allows the use of fish, seafood, episodic and poultry meat.

Vegetarian nutrition can be taken as a result of religious or moral-ethical beliefs, as well as medical indications.

And although the debate between adherents of vegetarian food and carnivores refers to eternal battles, it is often based not on medical but on the moral and ethical side of nutrition.

As a nutrition style vegetarianism has been formed for a long time, well studied to date, so doctors have the opportunity to operate with facts.

In terms of health benefits, the answer is unequivocal: the most qualitative for humans is ovolaktoegerantistvo and expanded vegetarianism.

Watching vegans shows that at the beginning of the transition to a vegetarian food of a strict type, there is an improvement in health, due to the cleansing of the body from the slags and toxins of protein origin. Then the supply of irreplaceable amino acids and other essential substances, which are contained in plants, but in insufficient quantities, or in poorly digestible form, are exhausted.

Strict veganism also leads to a chronic deficiency of vital iron, which is part of the hemoglobin - the main protein of blood. That is why the vegas look anemic and worse bear physical activity, especially long lasting.

Ovolakovetyarianism and expanded vegetarianism are devoid of such disadvantages. This system of vegetarian food provides the person with everything necessary, only the things that are not very useful to the body are eliminated from the diet - animal fats, grains of red meat that are difficult to digest. This type of food contributes to the improvement of the body through more complete assimilation of products, as well as at times reduced amount of poisonous substances coming from food. So, the transition to a vegetarian diet in combination with physical activity allows you to cure diabetes mellitus of the second type, which is considered in other conditions incurable.

The pros and cons of vegetarian nutrition
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