Prophylaxis and treatment of bedsores - recipes of healers

Pressure Ulcer Prevention: A Guide For Patients And Carers (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Very often people who for some reason become immobilized, suffer from bedsores. These are ulcers on the body, which can, if they do not engage, affect all layers of the skin and even bone tissue. This is a rather dangerous disease, which was treated in the only medical institution in Ukraine. In order to avoid the appearance of this unpleasant and fraught with the serious consequences of the disease, it is necessary to provide the patient with proper care, often turn over it, monitor drinking and nutrition.

Doctors recommend systematically inspect the patient's body. If you notice that the skin becomes pale in some areas, there are swelling, it is necessary to take immediate measures - these are the first evidence of bad blood circulation, the precursors of bedsores, which, like any other illness, are easier to cure in the initial stage, and not in the running Form. A systematic prevention costs much less and brings the patient less discomfort. For the treatment of bedsores used as pharmacy drugs, and folk.

The first such remedy is vodka with shampoo from bedsores. This mixture is used if the degree of defeat by the bedspreads is large and already affected by soft tissues and bones. Prepare a mixture of baby shampoo and vodka. The components are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1. The resulting solution on the consistency should not be too thick. It should moisten a soft sponge and wipe out sick places. Do this carefully so as not to injure a second time skin. Such procedures are carried out in the evening so that at night the active ingredients that make up the ingredients begin to work on ulcers. In the morning it is necessary to wipe the skin with another sponge moistened with clean warm water. Then the affected area of ​​the skin is dried, so that there is no moisture left. Such treatment continues until the suction cups finally pass.

Another means - butter from the bedsores, which is prepared on the basis of essential oils, which are the source of many useful trace elements and vitamins. Usual folk healers use rapish and castor oil - both, both well soften and moisturize the skin, have a healing and antiseptic effect. Therefore, they are used for the treatment of skin diseases and bedsores. Palmarose oils are still used - they make a warm compress, which is imposed on ulcers. To this end, it is mixed with butter with a carrot or oil of wheat germ in a ratio of 1: 2. Such a compress is superimposed overnight. After it, the skin is softly treated with a sponge soaked in warm water.

It is sufficient to effectively treat suction blends with geranium, myrrh, lavender, pettygrain, tea tree and geranium macerates. They take a few drops and make compresses once a day. This method is effective both for prophylaxis of bedsores, and in case of running ulcers requiring rapid treatment.

Prophylaxis and treatment of bedsores - recipes of healers

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