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The condition of the skin can be judged not only about age, but also about the degree of care for her. It is necessary as soon as possible to begin to take care of your skin, and in the presence of acne - from the very young age.

Daily skin care procedures will not take much time - only 5-10 minutes in the morning and evening, but the result will be noticeable. The complete program of proper skin care consists of four main stages: cleansing, toning, moisturizing and feeding. Due to differences in different types of skin, the peculiarities of their care are taken into account and appropriate cosmetic products are used.

Features of dry skin care

Dry skin has a small amount of sebaceous glands and a thin subcutaneous fat layer. Externally, it looks matte, translucent, smooth and tender. At the young age, it looks perfect, it does not pour acne and acne. But such a skin is thin and sensitive to adverse effects that cause redness and irritation. It is prone to peeling, badly tolerates soap and lots of cosmetics, reacts to the quality of water. With insufficient care, it quickly loses elasticity, it creates wrinkles early.

The dryness of the skin increases with age, which is explained by dehydration of the skin. Very dry mature skin becomes even thinner, dehydrated and covered with fine wrinkles. Skin dryness with age acquires and skin of other types. Dry skin requires constant protection against drying out and harmful effects. The peculiarity of care is a gentle approach: you can not use exfoliating masks, scrubs and peels, alcohol-based lotions and hardening masks. It is also not recommended to use skimmed gels.

Moisturizing the skin should be regular and abundant, not forgetting about nutrition. If there is peeling, redness or a feeling of contraction, instead of the night cream, you should use the D-Panthenol ointment. To soothe the skin will help the broths of chamomile or lime, as well as jojoba oil or almonds in the form of compresses.

Dry skin care sequence:

In the morning it is enough to rinse your face with warm water or a special cleansing lotion, then apply a day cream. Day cream should have a light texture, be sure to contain sunlight filters, oils and moisturizing ingredients. In the evening, it is necessary to wash with warm water using cleansing milk. After washing, wipe the face with a cotton swab moistened with a soothing lotion for dry skin. Next, apply a night cream, rich in fats and moisturizing substances (liposomes and ceramides). If the skin is dehydrated, you can additionally apply a moisturizer to the cream. After visiting a sauna, gym or swimming pool, it is recommended to make a nourishing or moisturizing mask.

Features of care with oily skin

Oily skin has a noticeable pores and a fat gloss, which is similar to an orange peel. It has a tendency to acne and acne, poor blood supply. Excess skin fat protects against wrinkles. Until the mature age the skin's saltiness decreases, and it becomes combined. The purpose of care is to correct visible deficiencies and prevent the formation of acne and acne.

Consistency of skin care with bold type:

Facial care in the morning is different from the previous one - with oily skin in the morning it is necessary to wash with the help of cleansing agents (gel, cream or cosmetic soap). Then apply a moisturizing day cream for oily skin, and in the summer - hydrogel. You can use mineral powder for maturing effect.

In the evening, it is necessary to cleanse the skin even more thoroughly, because in the case of oily skin, cleansing becomes the main procedure that prevents the appearance of acne and black dots. For refreshment and disinfection, after washing, you can rub the skin with an alcohol-based lotion, then apply a night cream for oily skin. To combat the increased pungency and fatness that provoke inflammation, once or twice a week the skin is treated with scrubs or cleansing masks. When acne and acne occur, you should immediately start treatment.

Features of care with combined skin

Combined or mixed skin is characterized by the fact that in some areas it is oily, and the rest is normal or dry. Usually fatty are the nose, chin and forehead (T-zone), they can see large pores, greasy shine. Combination skin is very common in the young, and with good care over the years it can become normal. They use different means for face skin at different sites: reduce germination and narrow pores in the T-zone, moisturizing and softening on dry areas. Mixed skin also needs protection from the sun, heat and cold winds.

Sequence of skin care with mixed type:

In the morning, the face is rinsed with cool or warm water, the areas of the T-zone are treated with a cream cleanser and washed off, then the face is washed with a tonic lotion. Apply a day cream for mixed skin, and more - on a dry area. In the evening, clean the face with milk, gel or cream and rinse with warm water. Wipe face with tonic or toilet water, T-zone can be further wiped alcohol-free lotion.

In the end, apply a moisturizer (preferably a liquid cream or emulsion) for normal (or dry) skin on areas other than the T-zone. Deep cleansing of skin with scrubs or cleansing masks do 1-2 times a week, with caution applying (or not applying) on ​​dry areas. Nourishing masks 1-2 times a week will help to improve the skin structure and give it a fresh look.

Features of care with normal skin

The features are that it is the easiest, including the most usual hygienic procedures to keep the skin healthy and young for as long as possible. For care, you need only two procedures: cleaning and protection from external influences. In order not to dry up, it is better not to use alcohol-containing lotions, soap, do not expose to strong solar radiation.

The sequence of skin care for a normal type:

In the morning, wash with softened water at room temperature or cool, using a means to cleanse the normal skin (cream, gel, milk). Then rub the skin with a neutral lotion and apply protective day cream with a filter for normal skin or lightly powder if the weather is mild. In the evening, remove the makeup, rub your face with milk and rinse with water. You can apply at night a moist liquid cream for normal skin. Once a week (or less often) it is useful to use masks, to clean the skin with a steam bath or scrub.

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Proper skin care
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