Professional teeth whitening: for and against

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Possibilities of modern aesthetic dentistry allow to reach the maximum result at bleaching of teeth. Its main criteria are the effectiveness and safety of the procedure.

One of the most popular procedures for aesthetic dentistry is the procedure for teeth whitening and professional cleaning. Thanks to the use of high-quality bleaching preparations and methods, modern bleaching systems improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and give the patient the desired white smile.

Basic principles and types of bleaching

Separate office and home teeth whitening. The basic principle of office methods is the use of bleaching composition of high concentration and catalyst for chemical reactions (ultraviolet, laser radiation, special chemical compounds).

One of the most affordable bleaching methods is the hardware professional brushing of teeth, which involves the treatment and polishing of teeth, the removal of plaque and dental stone.

Laser tooth whitening provides a gentle effect on tooth enamel and is recommended for patients with sensitive enamel. The main advantages of this method are the relative safety of the procedure and long-lasting effect.

The procedure for home whitening of teeth involves the self-carrying of individual drops with bleaching composition for several weeks. As a rule, the method of home-made teeth whitening is considered less effective and requires the implementation of the previous complex of professional teeth (dental extraction, plaque, re-prosthetics).

Advantages of teeth whitening procedure

  • Improvement of the appearance of the teeth and the smile's attractiveness.
  • Relative safety and painlessness of the procedure.
  • Maximum reduction of the effect of the bleaching composition and temperature regime, taking into account the requirements of the patient.
  • High effectiveness and reliability of bleaching systems in combination with prolonged action.

Disadvantages of teeth whitening procedures

  • Fairly high cost of professional services.
  • Presence of contraindications for procedure (high sensitivity of teeth, age limits up to 18 years, pregnancy).
  • Necessity of dental restoration before the procedure (installation of seals, tabs, orthopedic constructions).
Professional teeth whitening: for and against
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