Principles and morals prevent people from enjoying life - psychologists

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Millions of people avoid feeling joy and happiness on the principle. They believe that after that, something horrible will happen, writes The Telegraph. Moreover, it is characteristic of people living in the West and in the East.

Sometimes people even think happiness makes her bad and in the eyes of others she seems selfish, boring or just shallow. In the Middle East, people are afraid of cursing and demons that can steal happiness. And in the end they will face serious consequences. Therefore it is better not to show joy. According to psychologists Moshen Joshannel and Dan Wejders, in many cultures, vivid displays of joy are not considered to be positive.

The orientation of culture on the insignificance of personal happiness forces a person to behave in a certain way. It negatively affects her mental health and well-being. In the West, happiness is still valued more, and there is a tendency to maximize happiness and minimize grief. A striking example is American culture. It actively supports the social manifestation of personal happiness.

Meanwhile, depression is the second most common cause of incapacity in the world after back pain. According to experts, depression must be regarded as a world-wide problem of the first order.

Principles and morals prevent people from enjoying life - psychologists

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