Prevention of syphilis

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The highest risk of contracting syphilis with sexual contact. But it is possible to get infected either by household. All about syphilis prevention.

Prevention of syphilis: hygiene rules

If a family has a person with a syphilis, all measures must be taken to prevent other family members from becoming infected. These are simple rules of hygiene: the use of separate dishes (it should be thoroughly washed after use), the exclusion of sexual contacts and kisses with the patient. Compliance with these rules will reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.

Very high risk of syphilis in case of accidental sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives (condoms). After such contact, you should contact a doctor and take preventive measures (within two hours). Waiting for two weeks, it is necessary to undergo an examination at a venereologist, to pass the corresponding analyzes. It does not make sense to pass the survey before - during the incubation period there are no symptoms and tests for serological reactions are negative.

You can not engage in self-treatment, which can lead to a delay in the incubation period of the disease and inappropriate analysis results. It is advisable to convince your partner (preferably a personal example) to undergo a sexually transmitted infection screening.

Public prevention of syphilis

As for public prevention of syphilis, it is conducted in accordance with the general rules for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. They include a mandatory record of all patients with syphilis, a survey of their families and those who could be in close contact with them. Hospitalization of such patients and dispensary observation within a few months are also necessary.

In public prevention, a regular survey of the syphilis of people at risk is needed (for example, people who use drugs, are prostituted, etc.).

For prophylaxis of congenital syphilis in children during examination of pregnant women it is necessary to double or three times serologic analysis for syphilis.

Prevention of Syphilis: Folk remedies

There are also several folk ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections, such as donating immediately after contact with a casual partner. However, none of the folk ways gives a guarantee.

The best prevention, like many years ago, is the presence of one reliable sexual partner and the exclusion of random sexual connections, especially without the use of a condom. If such a connection arose, immediately contact the venereologist.

Prevention of syphilis
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