Prevention of osteochondrosis: key measures

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Degeneration of intervertebral discs is caused by natural age changes in the body. A back pain, which aggravate the quality of life of a modern person, is a consequence of a set of causes.

The term "osteochondrosis", common in the late twentieth century, has now been replaced by the collective term "dorsopathy" in medicine, which combines a group of diseases that are accompanied by pain in the back and extremities. Each of them has its own mechanisms of pain and requires its treatment program.

Walk every day

The first rule of prophylaxis of osteochondrosis is movement. Of all types of physical activity, doctors advise you to choose a simple daily walk in comfortable shoes. It is recommended to walk at least an hour per day, not very fast, pulse should not increase by more than 30% of the original digits. Walking - maximum physiological type of motor activity. It launches the process of self-regulation of the body.

There is a well-known technique developed in the middle of the last century by PNF therapy, which helps with the help of special exercises of a special kind to restore the mobility of the limbs, immobilized after a stroke and injuries. The basis of this technique is also the process of ordinary walking.

There is a common misconception about physical exercises that should be strengthened by the back muscles. In order to avoid back pain, the muscles of the abdominal press should be strengthened, and the muscles of the back, on the contrary, relax. Such laws are biomechanics of the human body. It is possible and necessary to train small muscles that create so-called muscular corsets and help keep the spine in a comfortable condition, but this should be done only under the direction of a specialist - kinesiotherapist (kinesiotherapy - motion therapy).

In each person, the biomechanics of the spine, deviations from the ideal location in the body are individual. Therefore, a set of exercises aimed at correcting biomechanics should also be selected individually. General recommendations here will not help.

Science is right to sit and stand

The second rule of prevention of back pain is the organization of a comfortable workplace with an ergonomic armchair that can be rotated.

It is important to take care of the work place of the housewife. And for example, when standing for a long time on a blackboard or before washing, to provide a stand under one leg (the thickness of the middle book) and lean on it with the left, then the right foot.

To sit shoulder, leaning close to the back of the chair, directing the top to the ceiling, and shoulders should try to relax and lower down. Science sit in a comfortable position for the spine, which is not simple. Its subtleties will be explained by the kinesiotherapist.

Finally, and about the sleeping place should be considered from the point of view of biomechanics. Sleeping on boards or other completely rigid coating is as harmful as on a soft featherbed. One or two thin mattresses will in this case be the perfect backbone for the spine. Getting up from the bed is advised not in a hurry, turning first on the side or on the stomach, and lowering your legs one by one, leaning back with his hands on the bed.

How to get rid of emotional blocks

About discharging of negative emotions as a way of prevention of osteochondrosis is often forgotten. It is believed that emotions are reflected on the face. However, in modern society, where the norm is to conceal their feelings, emotions are manifested and muscle cramps in the body. Hence the imbalance in the muscles, exacerbation of pain and other diseases.

Everyone knows the universal means of removing emotional stress - alcohol, but he is fraught with addiction. Therefore, it is better to give him an hour's walk.

Finally, there is another unusual means for today's man: the removal of stress cry. In order not to cause unwanted reactions from others, you can go to the city or to any place where you know exactly that nobody can prevent. You can scream with different intonations: suffering, hobbies, hatred, fury, pain, having tried all possible variants.

From calm ways of emotional discharge you can recommend swimming - in a pool or pool.

Prevention of osteochondrosis: key measures
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