Prevention of inflammation of the ash

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It happens that when cleaning teeth, there is mild bleeding. Often, we do not pay attention to this, but it is evidence of gum inflammation, which is a frequent cause of adult teeth loss. Therefore, it is very important to treat the gums in a timely manner and to prevent their diseases.

One of the causes of inflammation of the gums is plaque. It can destroy not only the gum tissue, but also the bone that supports the teeth. Raising over time can turn into a dental stone, and gradually progressing inflammation of the gums - lead to a retreat of gums from the teeth, accumulation of manure, and in the end - to the loss of teeth.

If you notice signs of gum inflammation (bleeding, redness, bad breath, bloating of the gums), you should contact the dentist.

However, in order to prevent inflammation, you must follow simple guidelines.


It is necessary to brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day. In the pharmacy you can buy a special paste for the treatment of gum disease, which should contain fluoride.

When cleaning, toothbrush should be held at an angle of 45 degrees to the teeth. In this case, you clean your teeth and gums. Teeth are best cleaned with rotational movements. An electric brush is more effective in combating dental plaque than usual. During the day, after eating, use a dental floss.


To prevent the destruction of bone tissue from which teeth are formed, it should be strengthened. For this organism calcium is necessary.

In the diet of each person, regardless of the condition of his teeth and gums should include dairy products, sesame seeds, almonds, seeds, vegetables with green leaves.

Vitamin C is also useful in case of gum bleeding, however, you should be careful because it relieves symptoms, but does not eliminate the cause.

Procedures at home

To prevent gum infections, it is necessary to clean not only teeth but also the tongue. For a better blood supply, gently massage them, grasping between the thumb and forefinger. These procedures are best alternated: today, clean the tongue, and tomorrow massage is clear.

To rinse your mouth you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine. For this, in a 1: 1 ratio, mix 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide with warm water or dilute one teaspoon of chlorhexidine into a glass of water. It is possible to put on a gum with a finger an aqueous solution of a baking soda, and then start to brush your teeth.

Healthy food

Rigid fibers that contain vegetable foods, such as apples or carrots, thoroughly clean and stimulate the gums and teeth.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is very important for the prevention of gum inflammation. Nicotine and alcohol remove vital vitamins and minerals from the body. And stress and constant nervous tension weaken the body, and it can no longer successfully fight infection and bacteria.

To the dentist

Regularly take a preventive examination at the dentist. The doctor will be able to identify gingival infections at an early stage and appoint an effective treatment that does not take much time and money.

Prevention of inflammation of the ash

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