Prevention of dermatitis

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Prevention of dermatitis lies in the sources of the disease, depending on its nature and degree of manifestation. Consider the prevention of atopic dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis (diffuse neurodermatitis) is the next stage in the development of allergic dermatitis and differs from it by chronic recurrent course. Atopic dermatitis has a clear seasonal exacerbation in the cold season and partial or complete remission (a decline in the illness) in the summer. It turns out rashes on the skin and itching, sometimes painful, the skin becomes white with a grayish tinge. The disease is often combined with allergic rhinitis, asthma, perinozy.

Treatment and prevention of dermatitis begin with the elimination of provocative factors, hypoallergenic diet and regulation of the chair. The diet should be limited to sweets, saltiness and smoked foods. It is useful to arrange unloading days. With the first signs of exacerbation or when it fades, effective physiotherapy (phototherapy, ultraviolet irradiation), reflexotherapy and local remedies (lotions, paraffin wounds), spa treatment (hydrogen sulfide, radon baths), and climate treatments. The most effective on the stability of the results was prolonged climatotherapy, when the patient for a long time, within 2-3 years, is in a warm climatic zone, for example, in the Crimea. Prevention of atopic dermatitis should begin immediately after treatment of exacerbation and last for a long time. Since the basis of the nature of the disease is the altered reactivity of the body, special attention is paid to psychotherapy, social and domestic adaptation, professional orientation.

The clinical picture is determined by the age of the patient, therefore prevention of atopic dermatitis in children should begin with the intrauterine period. It includes careful management of pregnancy and childbirth, a diet of a nursing mother and a newborn, preventive medical therapy (Taught). If the skin of the child requires proper care, then the skin of the child with atopy needs this double, mandatory use of moisturizing hypoallergenic agents. Such baby cosmetics should be labeled "for dry atopic skin". Adequate hygienic care and the baby's diet are completely dependent on their parents and are a guarantee of the health of the child's skin in the future.

Prevention of seborrheic dermatitis is determined by its type: oily, dry or mixed. As with other forms of dermatitis, prevention should start with the elimination of triggering factors, errors in diet, personal hygiene failure, nerve disorders, physical exhaustion and others. Special and constant attention should be paid to nutrition, exclusion from the food allergens (citrus, honey, all products of flavors). Eliminate household allergens are also necessary, especially wool animals and feathers of birds, household dust. The third "whale" of prevention is proper skin care. In case of seborrheic dermatitis, acid-containing and anti-inflammatory masks and creams, soothing lotions. Here is an example styahyvayuscheho pores and soothing lotion that is easy to do yourself: 1 ml pharmacy tincture of mint mixed with 100 ml of double-boiled cooled water and stir. Wipe face after cleansing or masks. Store on the refrigerator door. When dry seborrheic dermatitis using neutral detergents, oily, moisturizing and soothing masks and creams, lotions neutral.

The skin is a mirror of health, almost all diseases, one way or another, are reflected in its condition. Therefore, if proper care does not provide a beautiful skin it is better to seek help from specialists.

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Prevention of dermatitis
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