Preparing the tooth under the crown. facing a tooth with a candle

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Proper preparation of the tooth under the crown is the key to the health of the gums and adjacent teeth. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to sharpen the teeth, so that the crown sat precisely and imperceptibly.

What is the indicator of proper prosthetics?

When the oral cavity is completely prepared for prosthetics, they perform tooth brushing, in order to provide a place for the future crown. Such a turning point may vary, depending on the type of crown installed.

If it is a porcelain or nonmetallic crown, teeth are rubbed on 1-2 mm from all sides. In this case, teeth remain alive, and do not need to resort to the removal of the nerve.

When installing a ceramic crown, the teeth need to be sharpened more thoroughly in order to mask the metal. At the same time, the tooth becomes cut off with a ledge, and the width of the ledge corresponds to the thickness of the crown. The crown itself is installed on this ledge, so that the contour of the tooth remains the same and does not change its diameter. One of the advantages of this method is that the gum does not feel anything foreign and adheres tightly to the ceramics, as the tooth would adhere to it. This guarantees the absence of problems with gums.

Why do I need to grind my teeth?

When manufacturing crowns, the technique is usually guided by the ledge, which will be the edge of the crown. The doctor can arrange the ledge as needed, for example over the gums, so that the crown will never turn out longer than the planned option. If teeth have to be sharpened with a ledge, then the crown is made with shoulder mass. That is, a special kind of ceramics is used, which fills the ledge completely and overlaps the metal. The crown at the same time will be much more aesthetic, and even if the gum changes its outline, then the problems with the appearance will still not be.

In both cases, the indicator of proper prosthesis and the quality of work will be the health of the gums and adjacent teeth.

Why is not always used for cutting with a ledge?

In spite of all the positive sides, which, it would seem, need to sharpen the teeth with a ledge, not all dentists use this method for the following reasons:

  1. Facing without a ledge proceeds twice as fast as with it.
  2. In order to create a ledge, you need additional materials and certain skills to work with them. Therefore, if the dentist has always worked with metal prostheses, for which the ledge is not made, it is difficult for him to apply a new method, in which it is necessary to fix not the same as under the metal teeth. In addition, to work with a slip requires a special thread, which is placed between the tooth and gums. This thread is intended to protect the gum from boron and to indicate the place of the ledge. For the correct stacking of this thread you need special tools that are not available to every dentist.
  3. Requires expensive special material for molding, which as accurately as possible will print the ledge.
  4. Requires a specialized ceramic mass, from which will be made "shoulder".
  5. A qualified dentist is required, who has enough practice to work with ceramics.

It should be noted that toothless teeth can be tucked off, and the crown, put up quite professionally, will look aesthetically pleasing. However, the tooth under such a crown will gradually collapse, which, in turn, can cause gum inflammation.

Preparing the tooth under the crown. facing a tooth with a candle

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