Preparations for the treatment of acne

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The approach to acne treatment should be comprehensive and depends on the severity of acne.

If a mild form of the disease uses local treatment with cosmetic products, then in the course of moderate weight, it is necessary to apply general treatment with pharmacological agents. The patient needs to be screened to appoint a rational treatment. Treatment usually involves taking vitamin preparations, normalizing nutrition, proper skin care. A good effect is given to medicinal treatments with medicinal plants of altea, chamomile, calendula, aloe, sage.

But with pronounced pustular process it is necessary to treat acne with antibiotics. Assign antibiotics of a wide range, to which sensitive microorganisms, causing inflammation and suppuration. Antibiotics Unidox, tetracycline, or oleertrin take a course of 10 days. Mostly Unidox, as receiving 2 times a day, not 3, the new technology of its production allows less damage to the intestinal flora. Externally, the drug containing the antibiotic is Zinerit, effective and appropriate to any skin. Sometimes prescribe ointments with antibiotics: erythromycin, tetracycline, lincomycin.

In severe forms of the disease (phlegmonous and conglomerate acne), hormonal treatment of acne in the form of creams, masks, and tablets is performed. Hormonal treatment can be done not by everyone, it is contraindicated in diseases of the liver and the gastrointestinal tract, in pregnancy and gynecological diseases. Hormonal mask or cream is applied to the affected cells after scrubbing the skin with a dehydrating lotion. After an hour, remove the cream with a dry cotton swab and rubbing the skin with talcum powder. Treatment with hormonal means should be conducted under the supervision of a doctor, courses, as they affect the whole body and can lead to other problems. In addition, they have side effects. Women may be affected by a lunar cycle, and in males there is a pain in the thoracic glands. After the end of the course of treatment with hormones, these side effects pass by themselves. Unfortunately, without such treatment sometimes can not do.

After healing of large accumulated (conglomerate) or phlegmonous acne, scars and keloid scars often remain. Treatment of acne scars is carried out by several methods, depending on the complexity of the situation. With small scars, carry out exfoliating procedures: microdermabrasion, chemical and laser peeling. Laser and chemical peeling are more suitable for grinding scars. After the peeling procedure, the skin becomes clean, pink and smooth. As a result of removal from the surface of the skin of keratinous scales, the effect of therapeutic and cosmetic preparations increases. Peeling is done on the skin already cleansed by the usual way. Exfoliating procedures are quite traumatic, so should be prepared by trained people.

In recent years, the method of acne treatment with liquid nitrogen (cryomassage) has been widespread. This is a very effective procedure. Strong short-term effect of cold causes sharp spasm of vessels, and then stable their expansion. This effect improves blood supply to tissues and accelerates metabolic processes, which improves the nutrition and recovery of the skin. Cryomassage also helps to remove superficial layers of the epidermis and the emergence of healthy young cells, that is, successfully heals scars and scars, only softer than other methods. But acne treatment with nitrogen is not a panacea, with very severe scarring and scarring, a single surgical treatment.

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Preparations for the treatment of acne
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