Pregnant smoker risks being left without her grandchildren

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The fact that smoking for pregnant women under strict prohibition is a lot written. And about the negative influence of mother's smoking on the development of the fetus, too, said a lot. But recently, scientists in numerous experiments have found that smoking also negatively affects the appearance of an innate offspring.

Australian scientists, in their research and after experiments on mice, found that tobacco poison that enters the internal organs of the fetus negatively affects the formation of the reproductive system of male animals.

Researchers at the University of Newcastle have created a device that reproduces the smoking process and placed it in up to 27 female mice. During the 6 weeks before fertilization, during their entire pregnancy, and during lactation, this apparatus worked on producing tobacco smoke.

Born males were examined by experts until they reached puberty. And here it turned out that all the boys (108 individuals) have serious anomalies of the sperm.

The head of the experiment, Professor Eileen McLaughlin, says that in all male mice, the number of sperm was significantly lower than in mice that were not exposed to tobacco smoke. The number of spermatozoa, too, was negligible, and even their mobility was reduced. That is why most mice have become practically infertile.

Pregnant smoker risks being left without her grandchildren
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