Poliomyelitis: how to protect a child from the virus

Protect Your Baby From Serious Diseases, Like Polio (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Again, the situation with poliomyelitis in Ukraine and the main recommendations on how to protect a child from infection will be discussed further - the reasons for this today are mass. A spokeswoman for the WHO at a press conference in the Ministry of Health today asked the Ukrainian side to introduce a state of emergency in connection with the outbreak of poliomyelitis. "Ukraine is now a dangerous place, a hot spot," said Dorit Nitsan. According to the WHO, in Ukraine less than half of children vaccinated are vaccinated.

However, today, on November 30, the second round of polio vaccination campaign started in Ukraine, which will last two weeks until December 13. In this round of immunization, at least 95% of children should be covered. Vaccines are enough for everyone. According to employees of the department, vaccinations should be made for children from 2 months to 5 years. Children who do not have any vaccination with a poliomyelitis vaccine are, above all, subject to inactivation. Polyeemic ulcer vaccine. Then, after 2 weeks, they will need to be vaccinated with an oral poliomyelitis vaccine.

But around this problem unceasingly there are disputes between adherents and opponents of implantation in general and against poliemieitis in particular. Doctors are convinced that parents who refuse vaccinations for their children deliberately endanger their risk of being infected. Perhaps someone does not know, but poliomyelitis is an infectious disease that affects the central nervous system and leads to the formation of paresis and paralysis. In the group at risk are children under 5 years of age - when infected they may remain disabled or even die. Drugs from this disease are not yet available, vaccination remains the only way to escape from poliomyelitis.

The most popular and authoritative children's doctor Eugene Komarovsky told how to protect children from infection with the poliomyelitis virus. In his opinion, first of all, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of hygiene, and only then to resort to vaccination.

The pediatrician claims that vaccinated with an oral poliomyelitis vaccine containing a live attenuated virus (OPV), the child for some time secretes a living virus into the environment, as it is a source of infection. At the same time, it does not pose any threat of infecting children wholly or partially vaccinated against poliomyelitis.

But for non-skinned children there is a very real risk of the disease. But he, according to Komarovsky, is negligible: 1 case is 7-14 million. And even he can be reduced to zero, subject to the basic rules of personal hygiene. After all, poliomyelitis - this is primarily a disease of dirty hands.

The authoritative pediatrician has told that even taking into account the extremely low probability of development of the disease in the non-skinned children who are in contact with the grafters, there is no need in any isolation, prohibition or quarantine, and such measures are not used in any country in the world. Experts said mass vaccination against poliomyelitis could trigger new cases. And in the Bila Tserkva, after vaccination from poliemielet, a three-year-old child died.

Poliomyelitis: how to protect a child from the virus

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