Poisoning with mushrooms: symptoms and first aid

How To Treat Food Poisoning: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment And Home Remedies Tips (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

With the mushroom season this autumn did not ask - very hot summer and warm September almost left no chance of the mycelium survive and develop. And rains fell on fairly cold nights, which also has little effect on the growth of mushrooms. But zealous mushroom growers still go to a quiet hunt and roam with knives in the woods in search of prey on one leg and in a bonnet. A small crop, but still, it turns out, in their baskets.

And the desire to collect mushrooms as much as possible in their almost complete absence makes even the most experienced "hunters" to pull everything into the basket, little considering the signs of a false mushroom or frank gravy. And this means - poisoning is inevitable.

So, for the first time, we will remind the symptoms of poisoning with mushrooms. The first signs of poisoning begin to be observed a few hours after the mushrooms are eaten. A person begins to complain about increased sweating and salivation, they begin to torture growing pain in the stomach, nausea, and then vomiting, often unbridled urges in the toilet, frequent liquid stools. Therefore, it is important to urgently give her first aid, so that the condition does not deteriorate.

First, you should immediately call a doctor and start gastric lavage. Give the patient a drink of one and a half to two liters of pale pink solution of manganese. If no manganese is present, it will be enough to dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a liter of water. Once this fluid is boiled, you must forcefully cause vomiting - enough to cause an emetic reflex, pressing your fingers to the root of the tongue. You can also use a rinse solution of soda, which is prepared as follows: take 1 teaspoon on 2 liters of water. Gastric lavage should be repeated 2-3 times. It will also be good to drink a glass of water, in which were dissolved 5-6 activated charcoal tablets.

After that, before the arrival of doctors, a person with poisoning should be put in bed, wrap up warmer and put on hot warmers. But on the forehead you need to put a cold compress. Let this patient as often as possible drink hot tea and do not interrupt vomiting - the body must clean itself of poisons.

In order not to risk so much and pass through the not very pleasant and far from the aesthetics of the procedure for cleaning the intestine, you need to know and adhere to the basic rules of safety when collecting mushrooms.

Remember: flyflies and pale gravy are VERY poisonous and stories about what they need to be able to cook is just a tale. Even if there were only edible mushrooms in the basket, poisoning could cause a disruption to the technologies of their preparation - they should be thoroughly washed and cooked in two waters. You should not collect mushrooms near the tracks and near the landfills. And yet - in no case do not combine cooked mushrooms with alcohol - such a mix can be killer and no rinsing here will not help.

Poisoning with mushrooms: symptoms and first aid

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