Pneumonia in adults

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Pneumonia - a serious disease, which is an inflammatory process in the tissues of the lungs (hence its second name - inflammation of the lungs). Pneumonia in adults, due to frequent concomitant pathologies, can have very serious consequences, so it is extremely important to recognize the disease in a timely manner and seek qualified medical assistance.

Every year in our country, up to 1.5 million cases of pneumonia are recorded, with severe illness, up to 30% of fatal outcomes are recorded - mostly among men of working age. What do you need to know about pneumonia in adults to protect yourself, your loved ones and not fill up this sad statistics?

Pneumonia in adults: causes and species

How often do you hear: "Do not overlook, or pick up an inflammation of the lungs!" In these words, only a part of the truth, because not at the very supercooling there is a disease, but from the fact that the weakened immunity is not able to cope with the already existing in the body of the infection.

Pneumonia in adults, as in children, is most often of an infectious origin. You can get it in the following ways:

  • Airborne droplets from an infected person;
  • With frequent pathogens of pneumonia living in the body - staphylococci, streptococcus, pneumococcus, intestinal and hemophilic sticks;
  • With the help of intracellular parasites and viruses (such as mycoplasma, chlamydia, adenovirus, rhinoviruses, influenza viruses and herpes), as well as Candida fungi;
  • As a complication of bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Different in nature and extent of damage to the lung tissue is a criterion for the distribution of pneumonia in species:

Pneumonia in adults
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