Cataract treatment plan

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Should I agree to cataract surgery.

Operative lens replacement surgery is the only effective method of cataract loss treatment.

Cataract surgery

Surgery of cataracts is a simple operation that involves the removal of a cloudy lens of the eye and its replacement by an artificial analogue, the so-called intraocular lens (IOL), or an artificial lens. In that case, if the intraocular lens can not be implanted, then the glasses or contact lenses are able to compensate for the lack of a lens.

With a slight clouding, the lens in the surgical intervention is not necessary, it can be postponed for months or even years. Many people suffering from cataracts do well without surgery, using glasses, contact lenses or other means of correction of vision.

The method of treating cataracts in children depends on how much the cataract can further affect the development of zrenia.Neobhodimost in surgical surgery in adults depends on the degree of loss of vision and the impact of cataracts on vision and quality of life.

Operation: Required or not

Sometimes cataracts are removed due to another ophthalmic disease, such as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration. In some cases, the cataract has to be removed in order for the physician to have access to the retina of the eye.

Currently, false perceptions of cataract are rather widespread. More and more medical centers are created specifically for surgical removal operations.

Marketing campaigns aimed at persuading the elderly contribute to the fact that many people agree to conduct an operation in which there was no need. Because of the loss of vision or capacity loss, older people consider that they need surgery, even if the cataract does not affect the quality of their lives.

In many cases, wearing glasses or contact lenses, as well as other vision correction tools, is very effective and devoid of those risks that accompany any surgical operation.

Only the patient can decide which effect the cataract attaches to his vision and everyday life and to determine the feasibility of conducting the operation.

It should be remembered that if surgical intervention is not able to improve vision, then the patient is advised to refuse surgery.

Cataract treatment plan
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