Plague: history of disease

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Can you imagine something more terrible than the devastating whole city of the epidemic of plague. Our ancestors were afraid of this disease more than war, identifying it with death.

Plague: pathogen and signs of disease

The disease provokes plague rod (Latin Yersinia pestis), opened in 1894 independently by the French scientist A. Yersen (1863-1943) and the Japanese scientist S. Kitazato (1852-1931).

The plague is manifested in a severe general condition, increased temperature, lymph nodes, lungs and other internal organs. The disease is extremely contagious, belongs to a group of quarantine infections, has a high mortality rate.

The incubation period lasts from several hours to 3-6 days. Chills appear, heart rate increases, lowering blood pressure, the temperature rises sharply to 39ºС. The disease is accompanied by delusions, confusion, and coordination of the disease.

There are several forms of plague: bubonic, pulmonary, septic, and light (small plague).

Plague: history of disease

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