The pain of sunburn is comparable to drug intake

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A group of researchers from Harvard University, led by dermatologist David Fisher, found that sun bathing causes a drug-like addiction.

According to scientists, when exposed to ultraviolet radiation by mice, their body produced an increased number of endogenous opiates (narcotic alkaloids of opium) and beta-endorphins (hormones), which cause a sense of happiness, pleasure, euphoria.

The researchers 6 weeks daily exposed rodents to irradiation with ultraviolet radiation, equivalent to a half hour stay in the midday sun. As a result, it was found that already in the first week the content of the "hormone of happiness" in the organism of mice increased to 50%.

Scientists have noted that the narcotic nature of ultraviolet radiation can explain the obsession of many people to constantly sunbathe.

Scientists warn that although the study was conducted on animals, its results are applicable to humans, since the reaction of human and mouse skin on ultraviolet radiation is similar.

The pain of sunburn is comparable to drug intake
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