Sorry for mobile phones

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Scientists from different countries have shown the negative impact of mobile phones on the human body. What damage can an ordinary mobile phone do?

Year after year, the number of studies on the impact of mobile phones on human health is increasing. A few years ago, experts from the European Research Institute in Bucharest have shown that the harmful effects of radiation from cell phones can lead to the development of heart disease and renal failure.

Ten dangerous years

At the Swedish university, Lund came to the conclusion that the radiation of the phones is bad for the brain, and its frequent use increases the risk of developing a tumor of the brain. Scientist Lennart Hardel said: "We found that the use of a mobile phone is associated with the formation of gliomas (malignant brain tumors) and acoustic neuromascular (benign tumors of the auditory nerve of the brain), but these changes are detected only after ten years of active use of the mobile phone"

This is confirmed by author of recent studies on the damage to mobile phones for health, epidemiologist, toxicologist, expert in the field of environmental hygiene Angela Davis (USA): "I can not believe that mobile phones are dangerous, but I'm not going to say that they Harmless".

The sadness of mobile telephony: radio effect affects DNA

Davis proved that cancer is more often associated with harmful effects on the human body of external factors than with internal genetic changes. In her latest book, Disconnection, she presents the results of many years of research that proves that radio exposure to the body is enough to damage the DNA and prepare the ground for the development of brain tumors.

However, according to Angela Davis, while few listen to the claims of independent scientists about the damage to mobile phones. Warning signs on phones are currently only available in France and Israel.

Dr. Davis offers the following simple practical recommendations to protect himself from the effects of radio frequency:

  • The phone did not touch the ear;
  • Do not carry the phone too close to the body.
Sorry for mobile phones
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