Phytotherapy for hemorrhoids and dysbiosis

Chinese Herbs Cured My Hemorrhoids (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Herbs to reduce inflammatory changes, edema and pain relief in diseases of the rectum and hemorrhoids.

Very often constipation leads to the development of hemorrhoids. For bowel patients tuzhatsya long, straining abdominal muscles, leading to increased abdominal pressure, venous outflow violation and its stagnation in okolokishechnoy submucosal venous plexus and pelvic organs, occurrence of hemorrhoids, inflammation and even they are bleeding.

The development of these syndromes due to violation of the permeability of the intestinal mucosa for a number of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and other vital substances to the human body. This deficiency of these substances leads to disruption of individual organs and systems, and the whole body, including reduced immunity, there are symptoms of asthenia nervous system. At the same time there are intestinal simptomyi and above all - hard, literally O man diarrhea.

Depending on whether the absorption of any substance is disturbed, there are other symptoms:

Phytotherapy for hemorrhoids and dysbiosis

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