Phyto compounds in dentistry: proven effects

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Manufacturers of toothpastes, rinses and other hygiene products for the oral cavity often declare their products as containing plant components, which have the best effect on the condition of teeth and gums. The phytocomponents really have a noticeable prophylactic and therapeutic effect, preventing the development of various diseases of the gums and teeth.

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the most common diseases of the oral cavity. According to statistics, signs of periodontal disease are observed in 90% of the adult population, and unfortunately more than 60% of patients seek professional help already at later stages of the development of symptoms when complex and expensive treatment is required.

Meanwhile, this can be avoided. After all, the main cause of the disease is often commonplace - bad, inadequate or improper oral hygiene.

How to understand the variety of herbal therapeutic and prophylactic products for oral cavity and what to pay special attention to?

Irreplaceable sage

Shavlia is a prime remedy used to treat inflammation and bleeding gums. It is this medicinal plant most often advised doctors to rinse with inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.

His presence in a means to prevent periodontal disease is a good sign for the buyer. The leaves of the sage contain phytoncides and tannins (for example, tannins), which have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and astringent properties. In addition, tannins constrict blood vessels, which results in puffiness.

Pepper mint

Mint is also a popular calming remedy for inflammation in the oral cavity. Not only refreshing, but also the therapeutic effect of essential oil of mint is widely used for the manufacture of toothpastes and rinseers.

The whole thing in menthol, the content of which in essential oil of mint exceeds 50%. Menthol, in combination with tannins and flavonoids, has a bactericidal effect and effectively disinfects the oral cavity.

Carnation and eugenol

Cloves and cloves themselves are traditionally used to get rid of the unpleasant odor associated with inflamed gums, and to strengthen the gums as a whole.

It is used as a prophylactic in the treatment of caries, diseases of the mucous membrane of the mouth, periodontal disease, gingivitis and periodontitis.

The medicinal properties of this spicy plant are associated with a strong anti-inflammatory effect of clove oil. The main active ingredient of the cloves is eugenol - a powerful antiseptic, which suppresses the action of pathogenic bacteria.

The curative effect of clove oil may be enhanced by vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, C, as well as mineral supplements containing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron.

Periodontal disease: three in one

The unique effect of all listed medicinal plants, which was tested by time, combined the preparations of "Parodontoside®".

The unique balanced formula of prophylactic toothpaste, rinsing solution, gel and oral spray for oral cavity "Parodontotsid®" made on the basis of extracts and oils of sage, mint and cloves, can effectively fight the main symptoms of gingivitis and periodontitis, such as bleeding and Pain in the gums, and also bad breath.

Salvia in the "Parodontcida®" has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, mint - soothing and refreshing, cloves of oil, enhanced directly by eugenol, can fight against pathogenic bacteria.

The combined effect of all components of the series of "Parodontoside®" agents provides a quick effect in the presence of symptoms of inflammatory diseases of the gums and oral cavity, and also allows you to fight against pathogenic flora.

With regular prophylactic use, "Parodontoside®" is an indispensable helper in maintaining oral health and preventing inflammation.

Of course, none of the existing rinsers or toothpastes will be able to replace the march to the dentist. But without a series of "Parodontosid®" products made on the basis of effective and qualitative plant components, it is impossible to imagine today a comprehensive treatment and effective prophylaxis of gum disease and the entire mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

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Phyto compounds in dentistry: proven effects

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