Pharmacopuncture: a method to trail trail

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Pharmacopuncture is a method of acupuncture, in which biologically active points are introduced specially designed for this medicinal products in excessive doses to provide therapeutic effects on the body.

Pharmacopuncture combines such directions of medicine as acupuncture, homeopathy, phytotherapy, pharmacology. In this case, the therapeutic effect is mutually reinforcing (synergistic nature), but at the same time, this method of therapy is devoid of many shortcomings of all the above methods of treatment. Moreover, with the help of a pharmacopunkture, it is possible to influence the body as a whole (systemic effect) is introduced by therapeutic agents with simultaneous correction of immunity.

The main advantages of pharmacopuncture

  • Possibility of individual selection of drugs that are introduced and points of influence on the body.
  • The introduction of homeopathic doses of drugs practically does not give any side effects of the body's allergic reactions
  • Possibility of selecting the individual therapy tactics depending on the effect obtained in the treatment of the effect achieved by different combinations of effects on the biologically active points of the organism.
  • All drugs administered have special quality certificates and are manufactured in factory conditions, which completely excludes the probability of infection, especially since the physician always uses a one-time kit that includes special sterile syringes with needles and ampullirovannoy dasgs (usually foreign production).
  • In contrast to traditional acupuncture, which uses a different depth of needle introduction, the needle is inserted into the skin under the skin or subcutaneously, ie the method is less painful, which allows it to be widely used in pediatric practice, in children with a pronounced allergic mood of the organism.
  • The duration of the procedure for pharmacopuncture is much less than that for acupuncture as it is limited only by the time the drug is introduced into the biologically active points on the human body.

Basic indications for pharmacopuncture:

Pharmacopuncture: a method to trail trail
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