Pharmacists have advised how to take medication more effectively

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A study by the British pharmacy network Lloyds Pharmacy has shown that 46% of people take medication incorrectly. According to experts, up to 10% of all hospitalizations are associated with the wrong drug intake, and if people followed the basic rules, it could prevent a huge number of dangerous complications.

For example, it's absolutely impossible to grind tablets before they receive it, which is done by a lot of people who believe that this way the drug will be easier to swallow, and they will deal more quickly. In fact, drugs specifically provide the form of slowly dissolving tablets, because their creators calculated the exact time of release of the active substance. If it is accelerated artificially, the body will receive the entire dose of drugs together, which can lead to overdose. Particularly dangerous is the crushing of drugs for hypertension, which are designed for a 24-hour action.

You can not leave on the body a therapeutic patch that delivers any medications (painkillers and hormones) to the body, and then take the sun baths. The heating will lead to the expansion of the blood vessels, and where much of the dose is needed, the dose of drugs will enter the bloodstream. Doctors know cases when lovers of sunbathe with a plaster on the body died of caused by the heating of complications.

You can not take ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs before exercising. These drugs affect prostaglandins - substances that support the inflammatory reaction of the body and cause pain, but also contribute to the production of protective mucus in the abdomen. If you engage in sports immediately after taking ibuprofen, the side effects of drugs are more severe, increasing the risk of infections, food poisoning, as well as the entry of bacteria from the digestive tract into the bloodstream.

Do not take painkillers for a cold or a flu - because of them the symptoms of illness will be observed longer. The same ibuprofen suppresses inflammatory processes, but at the same time reduces the efforts of the body, aimed at fighting the virus. In the case of a cold, the body is cleared of infections with the help of undead and lacrimation, and the use of analgesics will be counterproductive here. It is better to drink paracetamol, which relieves pain and temperature, without affecting inflammatory processes.

Pharmacists have advised how to take medication more effectively
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