Man becomes smarter only after 50 years - research

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Aging can actually increase human mental abilities, as scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found out.

They found that some areas of our brain do not reach the peak of their activities to 50 years.

Like good guilt, the human brain is only better with age, according to scientists from the United States. They found that some areas of the brain get older and reach their peak in a few decades of life - after 50 years. Although it is commonly believed that a person is on the verge of his mental abilities after 20, this does not apply to all areas of the brain, as scientists have established. In fact, the ability to assess the emotional state of other people is fully developed in humans only after it transcends after 40 and 50 years.

"At any age, in some things, the brain progresses, and in some of your mental abilities are reduced," says author Joshua Harsthorn, "There is no definite age in which you reach the peak of mental activity in all areas at once." The brain is constantly changing. Structure, and during the life of a person something here improves, and something worsens."

The authors of this study were able to obtain very convincing conclusions, since they launched a series of experiments on the Internet, during which people of all ages could become objects for observation. Creative websites have been presented on these sites, which require only a few minutes to complete.

Thanks to these tests, scientists have accumulated information on nearly three million people over the past few years. It was she who was able to show that, despite the aging processes in some areas of mental activity, the brain continues to progress over the years, and in some areas of it there is a recession.

Man becomes smarter only after 50 years - research

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