Periodontitis: treatment in home conditions

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Treatment of periodontal disease at home is to maintain a diet, regular dental gymnastics and gum massage, as well as gastric mucus rinsing. Such measures help to strengthen the tissues and increase the chances of recovery.

Periodontitis is a systemic defeat of the peritoneum tissue (periodontal disease) with progressive atrophy of the alveolar processes bearing teeth. In the active course of periodontal disease and the lack of proper treatment, the teeth are displaced and fall out.

However, the disease begins most often hidden, with a meager symptomatology, usually it is bleeding and pain of gums, plaque on the teeth. It is important to consult a doctor at the first signs of the disease. However, treatment of periodontal disease in the home is also possible, but these methods are exclusively supportive.

Most often, periodontal disease develops against systemic diseases, so periodontal treatment is complex, and its essential component is compulsory healing at home:

  • Gum massage
  • Mouthwash with herbal decoctions and infusions;
  • Dental gymnastics;
  • diet;
  • Daily tooth brushing with a special paste with a soft bristle brush.

This achieves the continuity of the treatment process and significantly increases the chances of recovery.

Diet for treating periodontal disease at home

Treatment of periodontal disease at home should begin with a nutritional review. The provocative factor in the development of the disease is the lack of vitamins. Therefore, the menu must include vegetables, fruits and berries in raw form: apples, carrots, currants, cherries, etc.

The use of solid food also promotes natural gum massage, cleansing teeth from soft deposits. It is necessary to exclude excessively hot and cold drinks, sweets. The last meal is 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Sample menu for periodontal disease:

  • First breakfast - a salad of fresh vegetables (cabbage, beets, carrots, radishes) with the addition of lemon juice, cranberries or cranberries;
  • Second breakfast - oatmeal, millet or buckwheat porridge with fruit;
  • Lunch - without restrictions on the composition of products, before and after dinner, it is recommended to drink cholera tea on herbs (immortal, omnivorous, wormwood, tansy);
  • Dinner - vegetable salad, cheese or boiled fish;
  • For the night - herbal tea from the fruits of red mountain ash, hips, birch leaves.

Dental gymnastics with periodontal disease

To strengthen gums in the treatment of periodontal disease at home, one can perform a stage-by-stage dental gymnastics, which is to chew the oak or coniferous branch to the bone-shaped state.

  1. The first 2 weeks - carefully nibble the branch from top to bottom, gradually increasing the pressure.
  2. The next month - firmly holding a twig with front teeth, move the jaws forward, left, and back and forth.
  3. At the last stage - during a month, holding a twig with his teeth, pull her, trying to tear off a piece.

Due to this load, jaw muscles tense, blood flow to the teeth, gums, and salivary glands is created, which positively affects the dynamics of restoration of periodontal disease.

Massage gums in the treatment of periodontal disease at home

After wetting the index and thumb with a drop of essential oil (orange, eucalyptus, mint, coriander), it is necessary to massage the gum with circular motions, treating each tooth twice.

Direction of movement - from the foundation of gum to tooth. The pressure of the fingers should be noticeable, but without pain. Massage should be performed regularly 2-3 times a day.

To rub the gum can also be cut into garlic, a mixture of honey with salt, juice of a tree. This treatment will strengthen the tissue, improve blood circulation, disinfects the oral cavity.

Rinsing of the oral cavity in the treatment of periodontal disease at home

In periodontal disease, the rinse frequency is important. Teeth and gums need to be rinsed after each meal 5-6 times in one treatment. Useful and regular herbal teas for oral cavity - infusion or broth is collected in the mouth and held for up to 15 minutes, then splashing.

As tinctures, you can use the finished pharmacy options, such as tinctures of calendula, propolis, a mixture of herbs aureus, immortal, deceit. To prepare the solution takes 1 tsp Funds for a glass of water.

For rinsing, you can make broths:

  • From the bark of lime and oak;
  • Chamomile, horsetail, St. John's wort, sage and hips.

Frequent rinses and baths in the treatment of periodontal disease in the home can be spent for a month, then you need to take a break.

Periodontitis: treatment in home conditions

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