Perforation of the drum tumble

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Perforation of the tympanic membrane is a rupture of the tympanic membrane that occurs as a result of trauma or purulent infection of the middle ear.

Drum membrane is a membrane that separates the outer ear from the middle one. She participates in conducting a sound wave - the transfer of sound vibrations on auditory stones. It can be seen by the ENT doctor, when he looks through the funnel, and she is the most likely to be injured.

Causes of perforation

The rupture of the tympanic membrane occurs due to an injury. Injuries can be: mechanical (introduction into the external auditory passage of cotton sticks and other traumatic items) and barotrauma, that is, associated with an increase in pressure in the drum of the cavity, which is located behind the tympanic membrane.

A rupture of the tympanic membrane can occur with the effect of a sharp loud sound.

Also, pressure in the tumor of the cavity increases with accumulation of manure in it with purulent otitis media. When the manure becomes too much, it breaks outwards, forming a perforation in the tympanic membrane.

Symptoms of perforation of the tympanic membrane

The symptoms of damage are:

  • Sharp strong pain in the ear;
  • Blood and genetically from the ear;
  • Hearing loss;
  • Pain in the ears.

The diagnosis is based on otoscopy - an eyelid examination conducted by an otolaryngologist.

Treatment of perforation of the tympanic membrane

If you have the slightest suspicion of damage, you should contact your doctor. He should examine his ear and find out the reason for the perforation. Proceeding from this will be prescribed treatment.

Perforation of the tympanic membrane can grow independently. But this should happen under the supervision of a doctor. In some cases, especially with a large defect, surgical intervention may be required - miringoplasty (an operation aimed at restoring the integrity of the tympanic membrane).

In the presence of a rupture, it is impossible to vysmkivatsya, and also to avoid getting water into the damaged ear.

Leaving without treatment perforation is highly recommended, as it can lead to infection of the ear, and subsequently of the membranes, as well as the development of hearing loss.

Prevention of perforation of the tympanic membrane

To avoid rupture of the tympanic membrane, it is necessary:

  • Timely and properly treat inflammatory diseases of the middle ear;
  • Do not use woolen sticks to cleanse the ear;
  • Keep ears during the flight (wearing headphones) and jumping into the water;
  • Does not pop up quickly from the depth while doing diving.
Perforation of the drum tumble
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