Patients with dementia remember emotions

Episode #2 - Road Trip - Mother And Son'S Journey With Dementia (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Such patients quickly forget the usual things, but feelings caused by some event, apparently, remain with them for a long time, according to The Australian. Researchers from the University of Iowa attended by healthy people and patients with Alzheimer's disease.

The participants showed happy and sad frames from the films for 20 minutes. Five minutes later, volunteers were asked what they saw. As expected, people with Alzheimer's disease remembered much less details of the film than healthy participants. Some could not even remember the fact of the review.

At the same time, the sadness or joy that appeared in patients after the viewing, were stored for half an hour. The longer patients with dementia were saddened, the less detailed the plot they could remember. So, a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease may not remember the visit of relatives or relatives. However, the positive feelings that remain after the visit will last a long time to please her.

Patients with dementia remember emotions

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