Pasta for teeth whitening

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In the modern world, a beautiful and white smile would like to be proud of a lot, but not everyone has the opportunity to do whitening teeth in the clinic. At home, teeth whitening paste will help.

The first visit to the dentist is recommended in 2-3 years and in the future do not ignore the teeth for more than 6 months, because the prevention of the disease is always cheaper than treatment. One of the true ways to keep your teeth white is to use the right tools. The paste you use should match the condition of your teeth. If you are not satisfied with the yellowish or grayish color of enamel, pay attention to the teeth whitening agent.

The main types of bleaching pastes

Tooth whitening paste with abrasives refers to household cosmetics. It is most often found on the shelves of stores. The word "abrasive" comes from the Latin "abrasio", which means scraping off. Hence the effect of such a paste: it effectively removes plaque, spots, and tooth stone, thereby whitening and illuminating the teeth.

However, abrasive pastes can have their minuses. One should pay attention to the indicator of RDA (conditional unit of abrasiveness of a substance). It should fit you. With an uncontrolled amount of abrasive enzymes, teeth can be deformed from scratches or, conversely, poorly cleaned of plaque and dental stone. The average level corresponding to normal adult teeth reaches 70-80 RDA. For smokers or people who often take coffee, a teeth whitening paste with an RDA level of 100 or higher will fit. Those who suffer from bleeding gums and strong teeth sensitivity should use a low abrasive paste with an RDA below 70.

Advantage of a paste with chemical additives - in a fairly rapid achievement of the result. Such pastes refer to professional care products for oral cavity. You can buy them in pharmacies or specialized stores. Lightening tooth enamel is prescribed by the dentist. They are not desirable to use:

Pasta for teeth whitening
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