Passive smoking has a detrimental effect on the child's psyche

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The problem of nicotine addiction is acute, with all the desire many smokers are trying to quit, but only in some cases they do it. The worst thing is that our children are forced to "smoke" with us from an early age. Now, a pregnant woman who smokes a few will condemn, and at that time she is losing her baby, who was not even born. Chicken in the house of a father, grandfather, mother and grandmother who nurtures a child, do not even think about the harm they inflict on their child literally from childhood.

Passive smoking for a child under the age of 10 is dangerous for her development and mental health, scientists from Canada say. Tobacco smoke, getting into the respiratory tract of the child's body can cause irreversible and irreversible changes in the work of her brain. Moreover, the behavior of the child, which parents "make" smoking together with themselves, may deteriorate and become unmanageable. That's the answer to all the questions of young parents, which is that their child is somewhat restless from the very beginning and it is difficult to "get in touch with," she always curses and turns the entire house upside down.

Passive smoking will make your child aggressive, unmanaged, overly emotional and associational, which will be difficult to grow in peer education and achieve good learning outcomes. Canadian scientists conducted a global study, which involved nearly 2,000 children whose parents smoke or, on the contrary, are opposed to nicotine addiction.

All participants in the study took personal data and filled out tests with them, where the child, his parents, classmates and teachers, expressed their vision about the development and mental state of a small passive smoker. As a result, it was found that all children who are passive smoking have violations in the psyche and nervous system, they generally do not get fit with the training and they are practically unable to build trust, good and clean relationships with their peers.

The fact is that the brain of a child under 10 years of age is gradually formed and any negative factors, such as the impact of tobacco smoke, lead to irreversible serious violations, and the worst thing is that parents can no longer change it somehow.

Passive smoking has a detrimental effect on the child's psyche
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