Passionate kisses last a life - scientists

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It's hard to imagine the creation of relationships for lovers of men and women to kiss, without sweet and passionate kisses. Scientists "warm" people with research data, in which they increasingly find out the new benefits of long-lasting passion between lovers, as well as kisses.

It turns out that during a kiss in the body of two people are produced hormones of joy and happiness, this is because in man's saliva concentrates pheromones - substances responsible for the external and internal attractiveness of the partner and sexual attraction to him.

Accordingly, if the body is a surge of positive hormones, then at the same time, suppressed most of the harmful substances that inhabit the body after stress. This means that kissing your beloved person, we restore our body and nervous system from accumulated stress, bad thoughts and other negatives.

Moreover, scientists insist that kisses of lovers of people be filled with passion and tenderness, then the "effect" will be mega-positive. The researchers conducted a lot of tests that examined the state of health of men and women before and after they passionately kissed. As a result, they reached the following conclusions: all, without exception, participants in the study decreased the level of the hormone of stress in the blood, which is filled with serotonin and oxytocin, possessing the best qualities for the health of the nervous system.

Interesting fact is that a quick kiss "without feelings" does not yield such results as a passionate, love-loving and tenderness kiss of two lovers. Therefore, researchers advise not to neglect kisses and to kiss more often, at the first opportunity not to miss the chance to merge with your beloved person in a strong kiss. Particularly beneficial effects are morning kisses, when people in love fall in love with each other, and kisses after separation, even if it lasted only 1 hour.

By the way, the scientist managed to note the interesting phenomenon - the longer the kiss lasts, the stronger the immune system, which in future will provide both people with health and protection against infections and viruses. Judging by the findings of doctors, the kiss serves as a panacea for all people, enhances health and restores the nervous system, so people who are often kissed are lucky - they will always be healthy, intact and live a long, happy life.

Passionate kisses last a life - scientists
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