Panic attack: fictional threats

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The diagnosis of "panic disorder" is extremely rare - in most cases, a sharp deterioration of the condition and chest pain are perceived as a heart attack.

Due to sudden symptoms (chest pain and strangulation), panic disorder can often be mistaken for a heart attack or other life-threatening illness.

In practice, up to 25% of patients who fall into the ambulance because of severe chest pains are in fact suffering from panic disorder. However, they have to undergo a series of analyzes and surveys to exclude all possible pathologies.

The majority of such patients after a complete examination is not diagnosed with "panic disorder", since this disease is not psychosomatic and organ pathologies when it is not detected.

Causes of panic attacks

Unambiguous answer about the causes and factors causing panic attacks, still does not exist. Despite this, panic attacks, like most other psycho-emotional symptoms, are considered as a consequence of a combination of various factors: genetic predisposition, physical condition and external stresses.

According to one of the theories, a panic attack suddenly triggers the body's protective system. Scientists do not know exactly why this is happening and why some people are more susceptible to this disease.

Panic disorder is often found in members of one family, which can speak of genetic predisposition. However, this disease develops and those people in a family who had no such cases before.

At the same time, some scientists assume that a certain role in the development of stress disorder may also play a lack of a number of trace elements, such as zinc and magnesium.

From the point of view of psychology, people with panic disorder before the development of this disease, as a rule, show signs of increased emotional sensitivity, anxiety and suspicion. Such people have a tendency to take events close to the heart, to experience even minor reasons, they are very attentive to the state of health.

An important role in the development of panic disorder is stress. Exactly a stressful experience becomes a trigger in the manifestation of a panic attack.

Subsequently, panic disorder in itself becomes a constant source of stress for a person who has survived a panic attack, because of fear of its recurrence.

Panic attack: fictional threats
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