Pancreatitis: what is possible, and what can not be done during an attack

What Can I Expect Following An Attack Of Acute Pancreatitis? (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Pancreatitis - this is an attack of pain in the pancreas, which sometimes is very strong and painful. First of all, you need to call doctors. And only then do something independently and carefully so as not to harm.

But first you need to know and understand that this condition is caused by a malformation of the pancreas that has become inflamed and the process of self-destruction has started through the enzymes responsible for digestion of food, which instead of ejection into the duodenum, remain in it and gradually destroy it.

Not so long ago, the main cause of pancreatitis was considered excessive consumption of alcohol, but now doctors are confident - all the fault is wrong, harmful, nutrition from small years. If the food consists mainly of fats, large amounts of carbohydrates, sugar, unnatural seasonings and other additives, then all this negatively affects the state of the pancreas and eventually poured into chronic pancreatitis.

Sometimes the pancreas is inflamed during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the increased uterus strongly compresses the pancreas, which reduces the flow of blood. This is the root cause of chronic pancreatitis.

The acute form of this dangerous disease manifests itself suddenly and is accompanied by severe pain in the lower edges. Therefore, as already mentioned above, you urgently need to call "quick" help. Before her arrival, you can do the following.

Help the person with an attack of pancreatitis take a sitting position in which the body has to be tilted torso forward - this should reduce the pain. A patient should be completely calm. Next you need to hold the tank - an attack can cause vomiting.

During this period, stop taking any food. It is allowed to give 1/4 cup of water at intervals of 30 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to visit doctors give the patient drugs containing pancreatic enzymes (pancreatin, Festal, Mezim, panzinorm and others).

If you give any anesthetic, to consult on the phone "emergency" aid. What kind of drug can be given for certain symptoms. It is not recommended to give medicines yourself!

Pancreatitis: what is possible, and what can not be done during an attack

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