Tuberculosis of the pancreas: complications, diagnosis, treatment

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How is the diagnosis of pancreatic tuberculosis performed and which can be threatened by the disease.

The most frequent complications of tuberculous pancreatitis

  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatic cysts
  • Tuberculous pancreatic necrosis
  • Sputum peritonitis and tuberculous ascites
  • Distribution of tuberculous process to adjacent organs and lymph nodes with the formation of adhesions and fistulas (or without them).
  • Thrombosis of the vessels and other complications.

Diagnosis of pancreatic tuberculosis

  • General clinical trials, as with other types of pancreatitis, including studies of external and internal secretion.
  • Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space.
  • Conducting tuberculin tests (they are usually abruptly positive)
  • X-ray of the chest organs
  • Magnetic resonance or computed tomography with pancreatoangiography
  • If necessary, endoscopic laparoscopy with biopsy, pancreatododography (virsngography), retrograde pancreatic cholangiography.
  • Consultations of adjacent specialists (endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, etc.) and conducting additional research.

Treatment of tuberculous pancreatic lesion.

Treatment should be carried out in specialized anti-TB dispensaries, clinics. It consists mainly of a complex of general procedures, as well as active therapy of the primary tuberculous process, the treatment of pancreatic insufficiency, tuberculous diabetes (if any), as well as the prevention of possible complications.

A prerequisite for effective treatment is a special diet, which includes a 5-6-fold meal, restrictions on the diet of fats, the elimination of acute foods, the intake of alcohol, high protein content. With external secretion of pancreatic insufficiency, the intake of food is supplemented with the administration of enzyme preparations, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements (by the appointment of a physician)

Since the disease is chronic, it is necessary to carry out antirecession treatment (only for the appointment of a doctor) and not to miss regular clinical examinations.

Tuberculosis of the pancreas: complications, diagnosis, treatment

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