Pain syndrome: emergency assistance

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With an excessively intense effect of cold, heat, pressure and other factors on the body, nerve endings are irritated and receptors become painful nociceptors.

They transmit a certain signal to the spinal cord, and then to the main one, who takes the "decision to pain." A man thus tries to extinguish the source of pain, for example, removes his hand from the fire, etc.

Symptoms of pain syndrome

Most often, the pain begins with a subjective feeling of pain, and a very important point is to provide first aid when it occurs. Pain may occur due to many reasons:

  • Injuries;
  • Acute and chronic diseases;
  • Various lights and so on.

It is very difficult to imagine a person who has never felt pain. What is pain?

This is a signal that in the body there are adverse or dangerous changes to health. At the same time, the pain itself can grow into an independent problem through the transformation into pain syndrome. The signal about pain syndrome develops under the following conditions: when the body itself does not cope with pain or if the necessary urgent help is not provided.

Emergency help with pain syndrome

Usually painful syndrome causes unpleasant emotions - stress, fear, depression and sadness, which are reflected in the biochemical processes of the body. In the first instance, the brain reacts to such processes, the pituitary of which produces specific hormones - endorphins. They in turn block the receptors of the human nervous system that are involved in the development of negative feelings.

Providing first aid for pain relief is important to assess the mental state of a person, because strong fear, fatigue or depression alter subjective sensations so that, for example, even a small incision is felt as a serious trauma.

So what is the urgent help with pain syndrome? Many people make an erroneous conclusion about the origin of pain and take spasmolytics as first aid for unpleasant sensations. This is incorrect, because if we take into account the close relationship between the pain and the emotional component of the syndrome, its overcoming requires a comprehensive approach, so ordinary analgesics or painkillers do not always help.

Emergency care with pain syndrome is the administration of complex drugs, which has proven itself in clinical practice. Such means assume an effective result in a short time.

It is important to remember that when using any medicinal product, consult your physician and read the instructions carefully.

Pain syndrome: emergency assistance
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