Pain in the knee after injury

Knee Pain: Symptoms, Treatment, And Prevention (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

The knee pain after an injury is a common reaction of the body. However, knee pain can be a symptom of many diseases and signal any abnormalities in the work of the body.

Few knee pain can be experienced by any person, as the joints experience heavy loads every day and are easily injured. Overload and traumatic knees occur more often during sports, active rest, and activities related to physical activity.

Do not be surprised if the pain appeared in the knee after the injury, as it has the ability to bother for quite a long time.

Causes of pain

Knee pains arise from damage to the knee ligaments, cartilage, tendons, as well as with pathologies of any joint and inflammation of the articular bags. Pain in the knee after an injury is not the only problem. It may also appear stiffness of the joint, which is manifested in poor mobility and inability to side moves. The pain is sometimes accompanied by hyperemia of the knee and edema.

The most common cause of pain is an acute injury, long after it is received and the pain does not go away.

Causes of knee injury:

  • A sharp drop on both or on one knee;
  • Unusual or excessive bending of the joint;
  • A strong knee or knee-bend by any solid object.

The pain in the knee after an injury occurs in the first minutes, the bruise gradually develops. Usually, as a result, blood vessels and nerve endings are compressed or damaged; for these reasons, numbness, tingling, numbness appear in the area of ​​the leg and knees; the skin can be very pale or take a bluish color.

Kinds of damage to the knee

After injury, pain in the knee always appears. However, damage to parts of the knee joint is not necessarily due to a one-time high impact, but also as a result of frequent repetitive loads, such as pressure or movement. Excessive loading leads to irritated joints, an inflammatory process occurs. Pain in the knee after an injury and intensive sports is a common occurrence.

List the types of sharp injuries of the knee joint.

  1. Gap connection.
  2. Damage to meniscus.
  3. Traumatic ligament and knee tendons in the area of ​​the cup.
  4. Dislocation of a knee.
  5. Dislocation of a knee, which happens quite rarely, as it arises only with excessive efforts.
  6. Closed and open fractures of the lower part of the femur or upper parts of the supraclavicle or shin.

In any case, feeling knee pain after a traumatic injury, you must carefully treat the damaged leg. And in order to avoid serious complications, you should always consult a doctor.

Pain in the knee after injury

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