Pain in the buttocks

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The development of any pathological process in the body is characterized by a number of clinical manifestations. One of them is pain syndrome, the intensity and localization of which often become an important diagnostic tool. However, not always the place of an unpleasant sensation and its source coincide. For example, pain in the buttocks may indicate a variety of malaise.

The buttocks are symmetrical parts of the body and are, figuratively speaking, "leaf cake". First, the upper layer is a skin. The second one is tissue corresponding to the left and right buttock muscles. The third layer is presented by the subcutaneous fatty tissue, which is located directly under the muscles and, in comparison with other parts of the body, is the most developed.

The pain in the buttocks may occur as an independent symptom, and in any of the layers. Often, it is the result of injury, limited inflammation or other illness.

At the same time, both the local reaction of the organism and the general one are possible, the signs of which are weakness, malaise, increase in body temperature.

Quite often pain feelings are reflexive - the pain given to the buttocks often occurs in pathologies of organs and systems that are in immediate proximity to this part of the body.

Causes of pain in the buttocks

The localization of pain in the buttocks can not always reliably indicate their true source. To make a correct diagnosis, you often have to conduct a thorough medical examination. This is primarily due to the abundance of pathological conditions that cause a reflex reaction in this part of the body.

Despite the different sources of pain in the buttocks, the causes of their appearance can be divided into the following main groups:

  • Deformations and diseases of the spine, above all, its lower parts. The pain that gives to the buttocks is a frequent companion of scoliosis, lumbar sacral osteochondrosis, as well as intervertebral hernias in the lumbar region;
  • Local suppurative and inflammatory processes. Defeat of hypodermic fatty tissue in the area of ​​the buttocks can be worn as poured character - with phlegmons, and limited - with abscesses and boils;
  • Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve ischias. The spastic state of the gluteal muscles can cause compression of the largest nerve in the body. The result is a pain in the buttocks that gives it to the legs;
  • Diseases of the joints, in the first place - hip. Pathologies can occur as a result of inflammation or as a result of degenerative changes. In case of joint damage, one of the symptoms is the pain that it gives to the buttocks;
  • Circulatory disturbance. Problems with eating skid muscles are often due to atherosclerosis. Until the difficulty of the blood flow also leads to prolonged sedentary position, for example, in transport, resulting in pain in the buttocks, giving it to the legs.


Since painful sensations can either arise directly in the very buttocks themselves, or to be a reflex response to the defeat of other organs and systems of the body, the therapeutic effect has the purpose of removing the pain syndrome and, if possible, eliminating the source of its occurrence. In most cases therapeutic methods are used. These include: massage, physiotherapy, warming compresses.

In addition, treating pain in the buttocks involves the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. At local purulent processes on the affected areas impose bandages with ichthyol ointment or Vizhnevsky's ointment. In the absence of a healing effect, abscesses, often abscesses and boils, require a radical effect. They are subject to an autopsy, after which the patient's condition improves.

One of the causes of pain in the buttocks is muscle spasm, so the treatment should include a special gymnastics aimed at relaxing injured muscles. This allows you to normalize blood flow in the affected area.

Physical training is simply necessary for spinal deformations, as they cause a disruption of muscle tone, which leads to pain syndrome. The best prevention of pain in the buttocks, like all other muscle of the body, is the optimal motor activity. Systematic exercises help maintain the body's tone and its normal functioning. If the work involves long-term preservation of the static position, you should regularly do small warm-ups.

If you experience pain in the buttocks, you should contact a doctor who will determine their cause and appoint an effective treatment.

Pain in the buttocks
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