Paget's disease: symptoms and treatment

Paget'S Disease Of Bone (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Paget's disease refers to a very rare but dangerous disease. Her diagnosis and treatment are associated with difficulties that are most often associated with a lack of knowledge of doctors.

Paget's disease - a disease of the skeleton, in which there is a defeat of one or more bones as a result of pathological reconstruction of bone tissue.

This ailment is also known under other names: deforming osteitis, osteos deformation and osteodystrophy deforming.

The main danger of this disease for the health and life of a person is that, with its development, the mechanism of recovery of bones of the body is damaged. In other words, the processes of regeneration, which are necessary to support the vital functions of each living organism, cease.

Bone destruction

Kostya is a living tissue that constantly breaks down and grows. The process of remodeling bone tissue in healthy people never ceases. When bone is damaged by Paget's disease, the process of restoration of worn tissues is broken, which is the reason for the gradual destruction of bones.

Without receiving support, the bones become weak, brittle, deformed, and there is curvature and excessive.

Paget's disease may suddenly occur in any bone of the body. One third of patients are affected by only one bone in the body, but still the average number of damaged bones in most patients is equal to three. Bones affected by the disease are most often found in the pelvis, spine, skull, and long tubular bones of arms and legs.

The quality of life in Paget's disease sharply worsens, it is difficult for the patient, and in some cases it becomes impossible to move.

There are three stages of Paget's disease development:

  • Focal bone resorption (destructive phase);
  • Mixed phase, when simultaneously with damaged bones there are slow processes of recovery;
  • Sclerotic stage with the appearance of complications.

The symptoms of Paget's disease

The symptoms of Paget's disease include pain around the damaged bone and the appearance of osteoarthritis if this disease occurs near the joint of the bone.

The pain associated with damaged bone in Paget's disease is most often described as strong, continuous, dull and aching, causing great pain in the patient. The pain often increases in peace and after a rest. The stiffness and limitation of mobility in patients with joints are often exacerbated even after a short rest.

Causes of Paget's Disease and its Treatment

No scientist has yet been able to establish the exact cause of the onset of this disease. According to one version, all kinds of viruses are found guilty of penetration into the body and begin their dangerous activities.

An ill person can for many years be the carrier of a virus without any manifestations of this disease, after which as a result of the influence of any provocative factors may appear certain symptoms.

In contrast to this view, some scientists believe that viruses are not at all about it, but the whole thing is inherited. None of the hypotheses has yet been confirmed.

Paget's disease is incurable. However, significant relief to the patient is brought by drugs called bisphosphonates. They slow down the dangerous process of bone destruction and reduce the activity of the disease for many months or even after the discontinuation of medication.

Paget's disease: symptoms and treatment

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