Ozonator of air: myths and facts

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In our time, when the environmental situation worsens, and headaches and ill-health become a daily occurrence, people are increasingly thinking about acquiring an ozonizer.

Discussions about its benefits or, on the contrary, harm, are conducted almost daily on the Internet. There is a fair question: what is an ozonizer of air, and what is its role in human life? In this article, we will analyze all of your exciting questions and answer each of them.

What are air ozonizers and what are they?

Ozonizer of air - is a device that produces ozone. Ozone is one form of oxygen, the formula of which is O. 3 . The word "ozone" we encounter when talking about the ozone layer - the gas shell of the earth, which protects us from ultraviolet radiation. "Feel" ozone we can after a thunderstorm, when there is a characteristic smell of freshness. To produce such fresh air, as after the rain promises us an ozonizer of air.

What types of air ozonizers exist?

  • Ozonizer on a quiet electrical discharge - the principle of such an ozonizer is based on the electrical discharge that occurs between the electrodes and turns into ozone;
  • Ozonizer, which acts as a result of electrolysis and chemical reactions - this type is used much less because of the high cost of raw materials;
  • Household ozonizer - ozonizer, which is intended for use in everyday life. It is about this type that we will describe in our article.

What damage can the increase of ozone concentration increase?

According to the norm, the level of ozone in the air should not exceed 0.1mg/m 3 At a higher level of concentration there are problems with a state of health. A characteristic sign of incorrect use of an ozonizer is the smell of stormy freshness in the room. He testifies to exceeding the norm, because in normal work, a person does not feel it.

Signs of well-being, when exceeding the permissible norm of ozone:

  • Dizziness;
  • Deep, nerythemic breathing;
  • Headaches;
  • Nausea;
  • Cutting fatigue, reduced stress;
  • Allergic reactions.

Remember that at the first such signs you need to immediately stop the ozonizer and ventilate the room.

What is a useful air ozonizer?

Despite the possible damage, air ozonizers also bring great benefit to their owners. It is important to remember the basic rule for using air ozonizers: follow the golden mean and in no case do not try to achieve a sense of perishable freshness.

Air ozonizers can accelerate your recovery, kill harmful bacteria and viruses and prevent them from spreading.

Ozonizer destroys:

  • Viruses;
  • Bacteria;
  • Single-celled parasites;
  • Microorganisms;
  • Fungal parasites.

Users who have already evaluated the benefits of using ozonizers are convinced that frequent headaches have disappeared, and pressure has stabilized. These people have become much more cheerful and stress-resistant.

Where are air ozonizers used?

Ozonizers of air are used in various spheres of life. In addition to the air ozonator, you can buy an ozonizer for a refrigerator that will destroy all bacteria and guarantee the long-term storage of products. The ozonizer of water saturates it with oxygen and minerals, removing excess iron. In addition, ozonizers are used in pharmacy and agriculture.

Where can I buy ozonizers?

Ozonizers we recommend to buy in specialized stores that can guarantee the quality of the product and its safety. Beware of non-specialized sales outlets. If you want to get results - turn to professionals. The Internet offers us a large selection of ozonizers. Check with proven firms such as "zdorovee.com"

Health is the greatest value, save it!

Ozonator of air: myths and facts
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