Osteoporosis: who is at risk

Risk Factors For Osteoporosis (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Bone tissue has the ability to break down and recover, but in some cases, the recovery process is delayed due to a serious prior fracture and then osteoporosis develops. This disease has the property of rapidly progressing, and in some cases, at an early stage, do not even know about itself. One of the first symptoms of osteoporosis is the appearance of back pain and joints, and pain may appear inadvertently, which one may not pay attention to.

Since bone tissue with osteoporosis becomes weak and soft, fractures of various bones and joints can not be excluded. For example, getting up from a bed, a person with osteoporosis can break his thigh, and accidentally stumbled - a leg. Mostly, osteoporosis is experienced by the elderly, but doctors do not exclude the development of the disease in children and young people. It is therefore extremely important from the very childhood to get along with nutrition vitamins and minerals responsible for the development of bone tissue and its health. As everyone knows, iron, calcium, vitamin D, phosphates and other substances are involved in the structure of bones.

According to physicians and scientists, women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. More precisely, in the female body, the destruction and weakening of bone tissue is more than 10 times that of male. Actually, therefore, women should be more attentive to their health, especially after 30 years.

So who is more at risk of osteoporosis and who should worry:

1. As we have already found, women and the elderly have a greater chance of osteoporosis.

2. Heredity and osteoporosis are "on hand" and as it may seem strange, but if someone in the family from an older generation suffered from osteoporosis, then there is a likelihood that the younger generation will have the same health problems.

3. People who have birth defects, for example, small height or soft joints.

4. If in the diet of a person does not get mandatory products containing vitamin D and calcium, osteoporosis will be easier to progress.

5. Obesity and lack of motor activity also lead to the destruction of bone tissue. For many people with overweight, osteoporosis is a common disease that appears to be a consequence of a misleading lifestyle and nutrition. This can be attributed to people who abuse alcohol, as well as smokers.

Osteoporosis: who is at risk

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